A local Guernsey business growing and supplying the finest quality oysters

About Us

About Us

Guernsey Oysters is a local Guernsey business growing and supplying the finest quality oysters, Charlotte and Justin acquired the business in February 2016 and are truly passionate about delivering exceptional service and produce to their customers.

Guernsey Oysters is comprised of Herm Oysters Limited and Guernsey Oysters @ Rocquaine, the local sales arm of the Company, bringing you the best quality oysters possible, grown from seed to consumption.

All our baby oysters, known as seed or spat, are sourced from Guernsey Sea Farms and are produced from a selection of the finest stock, ensuring that in the next generation of oysters, quality and consistency is continually maintained.  This also means that Guernsey Oysters are truly local which is unique in the world of oyster production.

The oyster seed is supplied at around the size of a finger nail and is put into mesh bags which are then placed on metal tables that raise the young oysters off the sand and put them right in the paths of the currents that deliver their food. They stay here for between 12 and 18 months, filtering seawater and growing until they are large enough to be harvested.

Oysters that are being sold to the local consumption market are then transferred into depuration tanks for 48 hours where filtered water is passed through them, allowing them to be delivered at the cleanest and highest standard.

Oysters are bivalves that filter the nutrient rich algae that they feed on from the water that flows past them, so the health and cleanliness of the waters in which they are raised is essential. They are an indicator species of the health of an ecosystem, and are a sustainable shellfish that maintain and improve the health of our oceans.

Oysters take on the flavour of the water in which they are raised, so different oysters from different places have distinct flavours. The flavour of an oyster is also determined by the variety; we raise Pacific Oysters (crassostrea gigas), a variety that originated in Japan and which develops plump, sweet tasting meat inside a deep-cupped shell.

The seed is initially grown on our farm site in Herm and is fed by the clear nutrient rich waters of the Gulf Stream, with the tidal flow rushing through and over the farm site twice daily. 

The farm site is fully visible at low water spring tides but is virtually unknown to most people visiting Herm Island. Access to the site is short trip of some three miles from Guernsey across the Little Russel to Herm Island which, whilst providing a uniquely isolated and undisturbed environment, does result in logistical issues, particularly in stormy weather!

Our Oysters are then brought to the Rocquaine sites for on-growing.

Guernsey oysters natural, clean taste is like a small taste of pure ocean. Slightly salty and not too fishy, the words our customers always use to describe them are pure, clean and fresh.

Guernsey Oysters supply all the local restaurants and hotels via the network of wholesalers in the Island. All of the oysters that are consumed on Guernsey are done so within 10 miles of where they were farmed. Guernsey Oysters also export to France and England for re-laying and on growing.

Oysters are grown from seed, tended, and harvested by hand on site and do not leave its boundaries until supplied to our partners for distribution to market and your enjoyment!

If you would like to know more about our work, or would like to arrange a visit to the farm, please do not hesitate to get in touch.