Our main site on Fisherman's Beach is breathtakingly beautiful and designated as a Ramsar site under The Convention of Wetlands, is also the home to an abundance of sea life.

Farming oysters is a labour intensive process, accomplished mainly by hand, with a lot of dedication and love.

The Equipment


Our small fleet of vessels are both unique and utilitarian. The Crowes Nest (once a famous film star!) is used as our mobile sorting and grading unit and is always a tourist attraction on the beach.

Export Sales


It is our mission to increase awareness  of the local oyster industry and by exporting to different markets, widen the global awareness of Guernsey. With demand already apparent from a number of different countries, we intend to make Guernsey and Herm Oysters a global brand.  

Farm Tours


Supporting Visit Guernsey we take numerous groups and individuals to the farm for tours and awareness sessions. Inevitably some tasting as well!  We have hosted UK and International journalists, television and film makers, writers and bloggers. 

Spreading the word about the local oyster industry is of paramount importance to us - so see the events section  to experience a day on the farm!

Food Safety


We take food safety very seriously and work very closely with the States of Guernsey Environmental Health Office. Adhering to the strictest practices and procedures our product testing regime routinely monitors cleanliness of our oysters and seawater.  All of our oysters sold for consumption are subject to a purification process and to ensure customer confidence, end product testing is carried out monthly.



Guernsey is currently disease free, having not been affected by the oyster (herpes) virus.  

As such we work closely with the States of Guernsey Fisheries Department to protect this status.  We have a full biosecurity plan in place that covers all aspects regarding the prevention and the spread of diseases, which is crucial for our business and the future of our industry.