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Guernsey's ONLY Oyster Bars!

HMS Oyster is a lovingly restored Guernsey fishing vessel, originally built in Alderney.  Her new life as the centrepiece for local events is a talking point for all that see her.

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Available for your Event!

HMS Oyster and the other boats are available for hire for private functions, weddings & corporate events.  They are fully self contained and can fit into any event space, making them perfect for garden parties & small bespoke events, as well as large festivals & public events. 


From Paradise to Party!

HMS Oyster and her fellow fleet members serve oysters grown in Paradise, freshly picked from the clear seas in Herm shortly before your event. The oysters are shucked by our staff whose passion for the product they grow themselves – is tasted in every shell.    

Your Event

Whats Included:

HMS Oyster, T/T, Champagne Doris - or all 3! & as many Shuckers as you need.


Depending on your event & the number of guests you are expecting will determine the number of oysters you require.  We will work with you to decide how many you may need.  We will bring all the accompaniments!

Bespoke Packages

Every event is different so we will build a package to suit your requirements, location, guests & occasion. 

Meet the Fleet!


HMS Oyster

Guernsey's FIRST Oyster bar!

The iconic set up has proven to be a favourite with locals and visitors alike.  HMS has appeared in more holiday snaps since her launch in 2017 than we can count!

Hire her for your event today!


T/T HMS Oyster

If your venue is tight on space, or you are entertaining a smaller group of guests, then 'Tender To HMS Oyster' is perfect for you!

With all the charm of her bigger sister, she will make the perfect addition to your event.


Champagne Doris

If you want to add some sparkle 'Champagne Doris' is the vessel for you!  Able to work independently or alongside HMS or T/T, Champagne and Prosecco flows from this original, hand built French fishing boat.

Make your event stand out from the rest with our fantastic oyster and fizz bars!

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