Guernsey Oysters

Rocquaine North


Situated to the North of the 'Cup & Saucer' in the beautiful bay of Rocquaine, this site is situated just below the half tide mark. With the capacity to hold 150 tables, this area is mainly used for on-growning oysters aged 9 months to consumption.



The area in use on this concession is found unusually high on the beach for your average oyster farm.  Due to the fast flowing currents it is an ideal area for conditioning stock that has almost reached market size.

Sarnia Seafarms

Our sister company Sarnia Seafarms is managed by Simon Granger.  Simon relocated to Guernsey in January 2018 and has already had a big impact on the four sites he acquired in February.

Simon has forged great links with local stakeholders and organisations and hopes to become involved with the local communities in each of his areas, to widen local knowledge about his industry, engage in education programmes and involve the users of the beach in his activities.



This site is situated in the picturesque location of Ladies Bay was the first Simon cleared and started growing on.  It's sheltered location will enable stock to be held and grown here throughout the year. 

Grande Havre I & II


A lovely site to the east of the Rousse tower.  With thanks to the Rousse committee a full set of new tables has been added to the site.  This well protected concession area will see oysters in the early growing stages.

Rocquaine South


This site required a lot of clearing to get it ready for the introduction of new stock.  With the addition of new tables built specifically for the area the users of this wonderful bay will see frequent activity on the concession.